Saturday, November 28, 2009

Muir Woods **Post Edit**

Nina wanted to go to Muir Woods for her experience in California, so today Amy and I went with her.

Post Edit. Here are the film pictures I took while there.
I brought my dad's Nikon Nikkormat along with me and shot two rolls of film. I finally (!!) got around to developing and scanning the pictures. These are from that day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Vallejo Pirate Festival 2009

Today I went with some friends (most of them dressed as pirates) to the Vallejo Pirate Festival. It was a lot of fun and a great place to take a lot of different pictures.
I'm not a huge fan of taking posed pictures, so these are all pictures of people not only in costume - but having their costume function.

This really annoyed me - pirates with cell phones. Either be a cell phone user or be a pirate - not both.

I thought this girl was really cute.

They had a pirate ship out on the Bay that exchanged cannon fire with The Queens Royal Navy on the land.

Everyone seemed to have animals. This cat stands out in my mind though because it was so soft, so friendly and it had 7 toes on both it's front two paws.

Notice the rat being held (almost kissed) and the hat on its head. Also take note of the tail of another rat in a pouch on the hip.

There were kitties at the house we played games at following the pirate fest.

These are all shots of people that posed for my camera.

How freaking cool is that!

These next shots are from the experience of being at Pirate Festival.
Crowd scene

Her shirt says "Shiver me titties."
There were "fugitives" being captured all day long. Here was one.
Pirates cove.
More crowds.
One of the "carnival games" was shooting Jack the monkey into the basket using the cannon.
He's balancing the sword.
He's juggling knives
Finally a catchy slogan. Maybe there is a PR hope for the Gay community yet.
One way to fly a boat.
One of the fugitives.