Friday, July 13, 2007

Warm River, Big Springs, Mesa Falls and Island Park - July 13 2007

Despite living in Eastern Idaho for over a year, Nina has never really gotten outside Rexburg, so today I took her out to see the sights. Our first stop was lunch at Craigos. After that I took her the this place just outside Warm River that is a fish protected are. We didn't see a lot of fish, but it was nice just to see the river.

Next Nina and I drove up to Upper Mesa Falls. I love going to these falls and just taking in the roar of the falls. Nina really liked it too.

After Mesa Falls, we went to Big Springs. I have always loved this place, but I think more because of the inventive German guy that lived here before and built the cabin and created the hydro waterwheel electricity house.

This evidently is not a beaver.

Finally I took Nina to Island Park to watch the sunset.

There were a bunch of these dead crawdads all over the place.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yellowstone National Park, July 7 2007

Today is the 10 year anniversary of an important decision in my life, so Melinda and I went to Yellowstone to commemorate the event.
Elk were the first thing we saw. These Elk are probably being tracked by professors at BYU-Idaho, so that was really fun to watch.

As we came into the park this was the second animal we saw.
A very warm spring.

Hot ground.

Buffalo in the trees.
As I took this shot, the buffalo was passing a very nervous motorcyclist.

For some odd reason I rolled up my window as it cruised by.

Evidence of beavers in the area.

A very scared tree.

Kid: Dad, what does that sign say?
Father: It says "Logan stay off the dirt."
Kid: Wow! Really? They wrote a song just for me?

ice lake
Ice Lake, right after lightning struck.