Thursday, May 13, 2010

National Take Your Bike to Work Day

I have a friend who was getting an award today in Oakland, so I went out to see her get the award. The award was for Alameda County Commute biker of the year. My Friend bikes from Berkeley to Oakley on a regular basis. She is an orthotist, so not only is she transporting herself on her bike, she also brings leg braces for children with disabilities. Some times the bikes weighs more than I do with all of the stuff packed on it.

(here she is getting her reward from the Mayor of Oakland)
(here she is getting her special bag)

(here she is accepting her "Bike Hero" patches)

After the award ceremony there was a street party that had rides made out of bicycles and rides powered by bicycles. And then there were just random bikes people brought.

This was probably my favorite ride. But then again, I LOVE swing rides

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Dragon_Fire said...

That looks like so much fun! it's like a mini carnival.