Monday, February 15, 2010

Lynch Canyon

Today Kathryn, Joan, Nick and I returned to Lynch Canyon which was open this time. We decided to take the Middle Valley Trail.
The trail was fairly muddy the whole time - even the areas that were in the sun.

We jumped a fence and trespassed to get this and the next 8 shots. I think it was worth almost getting arrested.

Nick was off climbing a tree when I took this picture.

There was a bunch of Lizards under the trees. Kathryn almost stepped on several of them. I think they were all blue belly lizards but I'm not sure.

This is where our trail ended and we decided to head back.

This was a rather random rock formation we found on the hike. Nick, once again, donned a climbing attitude and climbed up.

More muddy trails. At times I thought I was going to slide off the path and others the mud tried to suck my shoes off. My boots were still drying from the hike two days earlier so I was in shoes that could get sucked off easily.

This was probably the driest part of the we were leaving.

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