Saturday, March 13, 2010

Westwood Hills in Napa **Post Edit**

Today Jill and I went hiking. I was feeling lazy, so we got a late start, but it was fine because once we got into the trees, the heat wasn't burning us but we weren't freezing either.

Kathryn was supposed to join us, but she couldn't so I took a few macro shots for her.

I'm not sure what these were for, but they were sticking out of a post ran ran along the fence.

Westwood Hills doesn't really have organized paths, but a bunch of random paths through out the park. We chose not to take this path because of the switchbacks. That decision would come back to haunt us as we had to take on switchbacks later that were worse than this trail offered.

Great climbing tree.

This is Jill.

After the hike Jill took me to hamburger place that was stupendous.

**Post Edit**

On Saturday March 13 Jill and I went to Westwood Hills in Napa. I took along my digital and [dad's] film camera. Here are the shots from the film.

Either the previous shot or the next shot are my favorites.

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