Sunday, March 21, 2010

returning to little yosemite **Post Edit**

I started today at a nursery where I got licked by this cute fellow. Little did I know that being around dogs was going to be the theme of the day.
Today, I took Jill and Kathryn, and I returned to Little Yosemite at Sunol Regional Park. It had been two years since I had been there, and I had never shot film while there, always digital. So today I brought both cameras. Niether Jill or Kathryn had been there before so it was a treat for them as well.

This is Kathryn showing her bad self and breaking the law.
There were a lot of horses and dogs on the trail today, and then there were dogs that had mated with horses.
He was really cute until he stepped on my foot.
With Kathryn near by to help me cross the streams, her and I got a lot closer to the water this time around.

Kathryn - always with the face of annoyance.
After we got done at the little falls, We decided to hike further. So we went up to the Canyon View Trail and hiked along the edge of the horizon.

There were condors or hawks or something that I tried to get photo shots of. I think I did better with my black and white film camera.

Pucker up baby.

We started with bridges and ended with a bridge.
Steal the branches, dirt, water or rocks, but you best not be stealing the TP.

From the Film Camera:

I know a lot of people think beagles are annoying, but I love them. So I'm a little annoyed I couldn't get a focus on him and instead focused on stuff around him.
For this hike, I tried to play around with some concepts I was taught in my film photo class last semester - namely the concept of exposure time. So for some photos I used the shutter speed and aperture the camera suggested. For other shots I tweaked the shutter speed a little bit. I purposely went to a place with waterfalls to try this. However, it being a place with waterfalls, one of the things I should have thought to bring, but I did not want to hike in, was my tripod. Thus some of the shots are blurry.

One of the things that really pops out at me is how much dirt was either on my lens or on the negative when it got scanned. If I'm going to start scanning negatives, I need to get more familiar with my digital editing software, despite my object to digital editing or spotting corrections on prints.

This is probably my favorite shot. I am not a big fan of taking pictures of people, but Kathryn and I get along rather well and she is always a willing victim when in town. The texture on this shot is really impressive to me. This is what inspires me to shoot in film more. I don't get that type of texture on digital images.

One of the many investments I need to make is a zoom lens for catching birds flying near me.

I'm not totally sure what I was filming here.

Jill - a little out of focus.

Jill - better in focus but no way to see her beautiful face.


Shell said...

Nice pics!

Looks like a hawk or some type of bird of prey. The body shape and size look wrong for a condor.

Sean said...

I should know better tomorrow when I get the black and white pictures back from the developer (which of course I will upload here and to