Friday, April 2, 2010

A family Visit to China Town

My Brother, Sister-in-law and Niece were in town from the mid-west today so I went with them, along with our Father to China Town.

Our first stop was at this place with sweet rolls that had pulled pork in them. I had never had them before, but they were delicious.
We saw these fruits for sale in the market area but no one in our group knew what they were. Any thoughts?
A family tradition when in China Town is to go to the fortune cookie factory. To the left of the picture you can see the batter pouring onto the pan. Then it gets clamped down and cooked. Then, as you can see to the right of the image, it pops up after going around. It's quickly pulled, stuffed with a fortune and set to harden. If it sits to long on the pan it will harden flat. This factory serves traditional cookies and chocolate fortune cookies. I brought home a bag of the chocolate ones, as did dad.

The main purpose for our trip was so that Father could get my niece (his grand daughter) a Chinese dress.
While Father and the women focused on that, my brother and I shopped the trinkets out front.

All of the buildings have great art work on them and each of the shops are well decorated.

Eventually we made it to the Chinese Cultural Center where there were these cool chandeliers and fire pit. Unfortunately, the Center had no exhibits because of renovations.

Lunch was at a Chinese restaurant where of course we ordered too much food and had to be rolled out of the place.

What is a day in The City by the Bay that doesn't include at least one picture of a pigeon.

My niece really wanted to ride a trolley car. So Her father and her went and the rest of us watched.
On our way back to the train to head home and play "Pass the Pigs," we passed a string quartet. Usually Bart has rather homelessie people playing, but these guys seemed rather professional and I wanted to listen more, but a tired 6 year-old was ready to go home. Maybe another day.

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Dad said...

The fruit pictured is Durian.

I have never tried it, but as the wiki article notes, it has a "pungent" odor that many find sickening. Many of my friends in Singapore say they like it (but they could be joking).